Automated Heuristic Design

Designing effective heuristic for solving complex real-world optimisation problems is very hard. It usually takes a lot of time and human effort to design an effective heuristic for a specific problem. However, there are a variety of complex problems and human experts are not enough. In this case, AI can help automatically design effective heuristics purely based on historical data.

In this research, we use Genetic Programming Hyper-Heuristic (GPHH) to automatically evolve heuristics. We have developed a number of GPHH algorithms that have shown success in dynamic job shop scheduling, vehicle routing, and tourist trip recommendation problems.

Yi Mei
Yi Mei
Senior Lecturer

My research interests include Evolutionary Computation and Learning, particularly hyper-heuristics for automated algorithm/heuristic design for complex dynamic real-world optimisation problems such as scheduling, vehicle routing, tourist trip recommendation, resource allocation.